Take Me As I Am,

Written by: Tyesha Ehigiator

Hear Me,
          Listen to me with you heart,let your guide be your soul
          hold me up so high, let your love talk this time

Speak to me,
          Allow your mouth to utter the very words 
          your heart has not yet spoken 

Listen to me,
          Hear what my tongue has professed
          and not what my lips have concealed
          wanting me to feel what you feel

See me,
          Look into my eyes, and see this beautiful butterfly
          just waiting to take off into the sky and touch life
Carry me,
          Lift me up when my spirits are down
          when I am consumed with fear
          afraid to breathe, this breath of life

Trust in me,
          Believe in all that I have shown you, in
          all that I am, and everything that I do

Love me,
          Caress me with your hands, all that you feel,  
          take me as I am, paint all the colors that you see
          acknowledge my imperfections and love each one tenderly 

Water me,
            Let your spring flow so deep within my roots 
            flourishing  me with all your sweetness

Plant me,
            Hide me in your heart,   just beneath your wings
            like a seashell buried in the sand, I only want to be