Our World of Wonderments

Written by: Virginia Muller

Like diamonds on butterfly wings, dew dribbles,
bestowing sparkle to freshly woven spider entanglements
as fireflies glilsten beneath blackened skies

Stardust illusions are sprinkled into our lives
as magical, imaginary unicorns awe and inspire us
to consider unexplainable happenings

Phenomenal musical sounds from breezes that
rustle branches and leaves in enamor us into feelings 
of anticipation, desiring more of nature's aura

Birds chirp, bees buzz, as fields of wild flowers open
Their tiny faces smile upward to a new dawn, unveiling
charismatic neon hues

Royal purples, blue green waves and frothy spindrift
gently brush against beaches of pure white sand
as a passionate peacefulness is heard
beneath celestial delilghts that glow in contrast
to a circular orange-yellow melon moon

Like a flying carpet, these tiny miracles bring images
to our thoughts and images, leaving imprints of colors
and sounds in our hearts and minds
Creating an unforgettable  world of
charm and wonderment.