Two Lonely Hearts

Written by: Tyesha Ehigiator

There once was a day where lonely hearts could play
without any pain, blame or suffering

There once was a night, where the love was just so right
nothing to stop them, no one to hold them 

There once was a hour where with no thoughts in mind
only the feelings of longing inside
to feel that closeness shared so true

Between the man and women subdued
fallen in without a raft
drifting further out to sea
with no protection in sight

They gave into fear of needing someone
of needing a place to be
closed up inside, their bodies were tight
and no longer, hungering

There once was a minute, where lonely hearts could lay
without any commitment, from midnight to day
enveloped indeed, these lonely hearts bleed
for something much more desiring

For this is the second, where lonely hearts think
that life could change so drastically
and everything, from that moment on
their hopes and their dreams, were so far gone

But not out of touch, and not out of reach
for this is the time, for new beginnings.