" Ode to my Love "

Written by: Quentin Sands

Who is this rare gem thus my eyes behold?;
with one quick sweeping glance you cast your love spell upon me.
Like the magestic river Nile your love flows thru me filling the resevoirs of my heart.

Your eyes are like diamonds sparkling ,set  in the night sky on a fair night in June.
Your hair is like the finest silk flowing through my hands as I caress you ever so tenderly.
Your lips are like strawberries tender and sweet to the taste;oh how I love them.
Your hands are like velvet cushions soft and soothing to the touch.
Your body is likened to that of a young gazelle running in the forest.
Your smile illuminates the deepest,darkest depths of my soul, ushering in  feelings of joy.

Come let us embrace with passion under the moonlight and cast shadows upon the rocks 
until the breaking of day.
Some women are fair but you surpass them all. Our love shall go on even after we are both 
resting in eternity......my love.

                                                                        Dedicated to My Wife 
                                                                        Termeka Charriet Rolle-Sands