A Mansion Built for Me ( l l )

Written by: Marie Prance

On the hills of glory,
where my mansion stands,
lay the streets of gold, made 
by God's Almighty hand.

The sparkling living waters
flow,and on it's banks,
the tree of life doth grow.

Over there, what a glorious site,
a golden throne arrayed in white,
No!, it's a robe glistening as snow,
and the one wearing it, their face is aglow.

It's Jesus! our King,Savior,and 
Friend.Yes! this is heaven,and
I have just entered in.

Angels were singing a song
I could not relate,as they 
stood before those beauitful gates.

Things were happening all
around this place,but I wanted 
to see Jesus face to face,as
I walked forward ,His eyes met mine
I've never seen such love pure,
Holy Devine.

I've made it home,and got 
a mansion so fair,and down 
this same street, I'll find you somewhere.

This is a poem was written by my sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!