His type of Valentine

Written by: Deirdre Omaidin

Does your heart still miss a beat
When you get that special smile
Do you always try for him -
Just to go that extra  mile.

Do you still buy the pressies
On those very special days
And take him for an odd weekend
Of course, that's when he pays.

Have you kept that sparkle up
After very many years
Can you still make up with him
After rows and salty tears.

Would you stand behind him
If others turned their back
Compliment, assure him
If his ego took a whack.

If he was redundant
Could you stretch a loving hand
Would your love outweigh the cash
If you'r loosing twenty grand.

If you answer, yes to these
It seems to me, as though
That's you're his perfect valentine
And he really loves you so.

Go on and be outrageous
You've been really sweet and meek
Just book an online holiday
With him, of course next week