WE Said Good-bye In A Dream

Written by: Deborah Jarrell

It wasn't long after I lost you,
I had a dream to tell you good-bye,
You ran to me,
From out of a light,
A filed of beautiful flowers,
Did appear,
You jumped into my arms,
And I spun you around,
We kissed each others face,
And held tightly our embrace,
You said to me,
I'm sorry mom,
I didn't know that,
We would have to,
Let each other go,
You were the best mom,
I could have ever had,
I told you how very much,
Iloved you and life,
Would never be the same,
Without you,
As your arms slipped from mine,
I could literally feel you let go,
I sat up in bed,
And grabbed my own arms,
And you were gone.