3 words or more

Written by: simon nixon

was it me or was it you
when one heart splits back in two
when a soul gives in to shock 
turned into water from a rock 
and from this river hate will flow
a hate of passion thats left to grow
and from hate it turns to spite 
whats done is done whats wrong is right 
whats right forgiven, whats wrong is lust 
unchanged anger for years a must 
broken promise a river of tears 
a plot of vengance of feild of fears 
a simple look can melt the lies 
from different blod comes 1 suprise 
a journy taken, a modest mind 
a welcome feeling a hurtful find 
a sleeping demon a lion tame
a longing feeling a secret flame 
for all these feelings sad but true 
i have 3 words and its