trying but failed

Written by: simon nixon

it comes it goes its hard to keep
it plauges the mind, so hard to sleep
top of the list top of the mind 
an anwser a question to hard to find 
stessfull days at times we wish 
to be a dog a cat a fish 
anything but who we are 
a peace of mind seem so far 
kids are screaming always fighting 
loose tthe plot so quick like lighting 
but these are the thing that makes us find 
our loosing battle for a peace of mind 
the sweet smelling air, a babys smile 
keeps us sain but in a while 
the rush of anger quick to see red 
we all have wished that we were dead 
another day, tomorow is new 
a quest of differance a quest or two 
a mountain of questions some are a trick 
tired awakens,tired and sick 
the kids are awaking, screaming and loud 
tryed to keep sain, trying but failed