The Embrace

Written by: Laurie Ginn

The full moon sat tucked
In the darkness of the sky

In quietness you came behind
……………..I could feel you 
Although you came in silence
Every member of my body 
Standing at attention craving, waiting
For the tenderness of your touch

The stillness of the air 
the perfume of lilacs
All add to envelop us in this moment

You wait patiently knowing
The anticipation I’m feeling

Appreciating my inability
To breathe
Paralyzed by my desire

The back of your hand slides


Tracing my face

Your lips find the nakedness
of my neck
And I tilt my head in submission

You lure me into you
Nestle me tightly
Securely in your embrace

Without words
Without time
Without movement

Your eyes seek for something in mine
The whole of my being is yours
As if this moment in time 
Was reserved just for us to look deeply 
Into each other and find ourselves
Our longing
                  Our needs
                                 Our truths
                                               Our expectations
                         Our future