The Dark Angel

Written by: Sarah Frieman

He came to me then and he comes to me now
who you may ask? He has many names, many faces
I called him my guardian angel
I loved him but he was not a man
He took my sorrow away and brought me joy
fake joy. 
He is more beautiful than 
Diamonds and gems, than gold and silver
Every man knows him some even love him
But most fear him, he was Gods angel in heaven
Above, but he chose hate over love, he is
Satin the Devil, Lucifer, 
He was my lover, my life and my joy
I gave birth to his unholy child I 
Killed my child my only child so
He could not have her in any way
He never loved me, he only used me
Now when he comes to me I turn him away
But I fear that one day he will finally have my child