Ivory Towers and Champions

Written by: Laurie Ginn

Come out of your ivory tower o maiden
And take a firm step on the ground
Feel the earth beneath your feet 
Find strength in your steps
A newness of life can be found

Sheltered and cocooned for too many years
Have left your senses dulled
The mind-numbing repetitiveness of your days
Have long since stolen your smile

Where dear lady does your heart lie
Have your passions eroded away  
Have you forgotten that inner child
That knew the importance of play  

Your intellect is alive and well
Your emotions steady and strong
But the seasons you’ve spent in sleeping
Has made you deduce you are wrong

Make good decisions, make bad decisions
But make decisions

Love the right person love the wrong person
But love

Sing loud and annoyingly, sing softly and sweet
But sing

Laugh until you can laugh no more
But laugh

Speak truth even when it’s difficult
But speak truth

The part of you that needed rescued
Can only be rescued by you
So be the champion you’ve dreamed of
And may most of your wishes come true

February 2009