Above the future

Written by: andreea agarlita

the sky is now so savage,
the beautiful blue is a memory,
the lands of lifes are dieing
in mountains of lies and sins.

how strange are the seas in this moment,
just lost horizons and tormented lifes
with metals of justice moving
disasters on the fields of time.

the salt from our wounds is burning
and the ash of our hopes stand still,
the light from this deep darkness
is's not coming back, never will. 

our flesh is starting to fall,
the air is leaving us cruelly,
our eyes are looking for relief
but heat is overwhelming.

the mind of a nation so old
is praying divided and confused,
is searching its cold body
for so many years abused.

we raise our souls to the sky
waiting the Lord to take us home,
and days like clocks are still spinning
but our time to go hasn't come.