Written by: Lisa Mook

With each day that comes 
Another fades by 
The stress keeps building 
Leading to cry 

Like the tears of a child 
Who just lost her world 
Still she stands strong 
But loses her will 

With each sunset falling 
Over the horizon so blue 
She searches for answers 
And what to do 

Stars shine through the night 
The moon shines full 
She wishes to throw it away 
To eliminate the bull 

His touch conquers fears 
The look hides her hurt 
Showing the feelings so strong 
The words beared to blurt 

She searches for answers 
But none can she find 
With eyes wide open 
She still feels blind 

The moons half full 
On the cloudy nights 
Not a star shines through 
No relief from the fights 

The sun never shines 
Over the ocean so cold 
She tries so desperatly 
To stand so bold 

The days never come 
The past stays near 
His touch has faded 
Leaving all unclear