The Rose and the Butterfly

Written by: valerie bellefleur

Oh plump pink rose from heaven
my tiny butterfly heart dances

How humble am I in this garden of delights
just to drink in your beauty!

In your presence I sigh and sit and
watch you in this June morning..

Open your virgin bud as pink as 
the blush on an angel's cheek

Your petals as soft as the kiss of evening
how sweet your fragrance - so intoxicating..

That I find it hard to balance on this leaf
as my heart grows giddy with your scent..

More enchanting than any nectar in heaven
I bow in your presence and pray to be noticed..

So I may sit near you and feel your softness
grant me a moment to alight 

So I may lie close to you and drink
in your loveliness

Before an angry breeze
tears you apart

And carries you away from me
scattered petals crying 

Floating far far away
with no trace of your existance..