Written by: Kristin Baker

Our skin, embracing the touch While the penetration of deep breaths succumb Soft lips breathing hot about my neck My lips and hands tracing the outline of your body Fingers intertwine and our legs climb about each other The sheets, they seem to tangle Just as our clothes are sprawled across the floor The heat of two bodies starts to fill the air Making eye contact as our mouths dry Licking our lips and tightly holding onto each other We don’t want it to end, hanging onto the sensation as long as we can Switching places now; your hands up and down my back My lips resting on your shoulder The smell of your skin and hair corrupt my mind As I feel you deep within, controlling my movements Breathing exciting warmth on my ear, like a whisper Our hearts pounding so hard, we can hear them echoing in our chests Our bodies begin to shake uncontrollably Grasping your arms tighter then before Our breaths are getting louder, more intense So intense they’re turning into sounds Shifting about the bed, fingers through my hair Movements are getting faster and faster The sensation is getting closer Chills are beginning to take over my body Your body is tensing up; there’s no going back Our lips embrace once more as the sensation is released Now our body’s resting side by side Trying to regain our breath Letting our skin touch Eye contact; lips intertwine
Written January 27, 2009