Written by: Albert Price

Before the promised coming of the Messiah,
Men sought shelter in caves near the sacred sea.
Rites of purification they practiced there,
Seeking for a new light to set them free.		

We prepare a shrine worthy of Him,
For He is the communion of our dreams.
His are the Holy Elements we seek,
About which all earthly loveliness streams.

Every daybreak, the sun holds his devotions.
The horizon his altar for God's praise.
And for its blessed holy sacrament,
It distributes its brilliant erubescent rays.

Robins and buntings in feathery robes
With rapture ring their silver bells
To let every worthy believer know 
That God upon His throne now dwells.

The mighty limbs of towering trees
Reach to embrace  like the outstretched arm.
The divine cathedral brightly waits
Extending perfect greetings, so warm.