Ignore Safety Rules (I Mean Don’t)

Written by: Dovey Annie

Don’t take chances and ignore safety rules
For you may end up looking just like fools.
Keep yourself safe and do stay alert
Don’t leave in two pieces and your family hurt.

Wear your goggles as though they’re your part-of
You won’t want to miss seeing all that you love.
And please don’t put them on your forehead 
They’re supposed to protect your eyes; not head!

Choose your tools properly and use with care
You don’t want them to be flying everywhere.
And don’t forget to put on your hard hat 
Lest a flying tool knocks you silly and flat.

Remember to protect those precious hands of yours
You still need them for the many years of chores.
It’s not like you can change them should they tear
But you can change the wrecked gloves that you wear.

Donning PPE might be troublesome
And they don’t also make you look handsome
You might feel like an alien coming from mars
But well... they protect you from all those scars.

Dovey Annie