Tomorrow's Yesterday

Written by: Lisa Mook

What's the point in moving forward,
When I'm living in the past?
The pain and lack of happiness,
I never wished to last?

I'm stronger than the yesterday.
I'm prepared for what's to come.
But where is it I must go,
When all my work is done?

Do I take the path less traveled?
Do I mingle amongst the pack?
Do I take the twisting road?
To render looking back.

Do I make a wrong decision?
Do I take a risky chance?
Do I jump off the cliff above ,
And never take a glance?

Do I conquer all my demons?
Do I let them pass me by?
Do I speak what's on my mind,
Or am I forced to lie?

Do I take each step with caution?
Do I look before I leap?
Do I throw out all the grudges,
Or hold them in to keep?

After all the questions,
After all that I have faced,
I've found a place that's happy,
Where all the pain's replaced.

I've taken my path I'll travel.
I know what is to come.
I'm headed where Imust go.
Never stopping till I'm done.
I'm making my own decisions.
I'm taking every chance.
I'm climbing down the mountain,
With never the slightest glance.

I've conquered all my demons.
Not one has passed my by.
Always will I speak the truth.
To some it is their lie.

I'm taking each step cautiously.
I'm looking before I leap.
With every yesterday comes tomorrow,
And that's all I'll have to keep.