Written by: myishia williams

i didn't fully understand 
the relationship between me and her 
she was a friend.... for conversation
and a shoulder i needed....
(that was at first)....
feeling that she understood me
i clung to her quickly
wrapping all of me around her
for protection... of a broken heart
and an open soul that....
couldn't stand the thought of being alone
i knew she was what i needed
at that time
and so did she
i was strong...
my guards were up....
my attitude was real....
until she made it okay for me
to be welcoming.... and somewhat loved
i denied my feelings for her
because i knew others....
wouldn't accept my decision
i shied away in the public eye
but gave her my all....
behind closed doors
secretly and honestly i loved her
i wanted for her attention
and needed her conversation
until she turned on me
she left me high-dry-and alone
facing the world by myself
i was lost for a while
without her standing along side of me....
i thought different of this girl....
this woman....
this someone who wasn't my usual
i gave her too much of me
and too much of my love....
that just goes to show you that....
a man is a man can be a dog
a woman is a woman can be a bitch
and neither of them are different
they both talk the talk....
of a con artist
and walk the walk of liars
both are without shame

Copyright ©2008 Myishia Williams