“Gone are the Days..”

Written by: argho chakraborty

“Gone are the Days..”

Gone are the days of childhood;
Days of Fun, filled with laughter..!!
The scent of the wet Earth;
The sound of the Falling rain..!!

Even the Moments with tears;
Now even they seem so dear..!!
What is pain? We never knew..!
When they are gone..;
Now they seem to be so few..!!

The things we drew on the walls,
The castles built on the Sand..!!
The fights with friends,
Playing with the un-musical band..!!
Searching for stones in those Caves,
Too little to follow any trends..!!
Crying over for that last candy;
That scolding that mother gave...
Then crying on father’s lap..!!

Dreams that we had...
To be a Fire man, Doctor or the Super man..!!
Blushing when ever a girl stared;
Asking for gifts not thinking of others thought...
Actually never really cared..!!
And then it was night ..;
Falling asleep as my mother sang..!!
Not worried of the days to come..!!
In my father’s arm, not scared of the world around..!!

Gone are the Days of childhood,
The Days of Fun filled with laughter..!!