Written by: Mehak Kawatra

Every second of everyday,
Counts in every way.

The sun is bright,
and now it's night.

look how fast time flies.
blinding us with it's cries.

what should we do, where should we go?
rushing out, to and fro?

wasting away, it runs in happiness,
mocking us and our foolishness.

"tick tock, tick tock...'
screams the clock.

From time to time,
runs your little rhyme...

Do we forget
to treasure every memory we get? 

Do we lose hope,
undoing our past, holding us as a rope?

Do we recall
every moment, big or small?

Look behind the curtain,
discovering yourself, in hopes of certain.

Look at your dream,
are you making it real?

Every second of everyday,
counts in every way.