I’d Walk The Naked Miles

Written by: Adell Foster

What twist of fate has befallen us?
When nighthawks no longer soar by day --
Ritualistic measures of time usurps moonlight
Where then shall I see upon my love’s face ~
A smile that would light the ancient Nile
Oh to feel the warmth of his sweet embrace

Dusk be not in such foul temperament..
Let pace of dawn be slow to arise
As it steals the warmth of our embrace

Oh twilight stars of night twinkle, now
As, the nighthawk, pleasures ebony soul 
For that simple delight, I’d walk the naked miles…

Saddened is this heart when we must part
Let the setting of the sun come soon
Then we shall soar once more ‘neath lover’s moon 

The watchman comes nigh, careful now
we must depart this gentleness – Remember,
For that simple pleasure, I’d walk the naked miles…