My Words Flow From My Heart

Written by: Mickey Pig Knuckles

" My Words Flow From My Heart "

I am a writer of poetry
black ink flows through my pen
I have been around this great big world
my words may make you grin.

I sometimes write on foreign soil
sailed across the oceans blue
I can make the birds and other things
sing romantic songs for you.

I can show you heavens gold
and touch the stars above
setting fires in souls of man
and write of Gods great love.

I want to erase these evil battles
help singers write some songs
give mankind back their hopes and dreams
and fix the things gone wrong.

I am a writer of poetry
the words just flow so free
I write for you and everyone
these words to you from me.

Heartfelt emotions can move the earth
all emptiness I want to fill
we poets that have lived and died
our words keep living still.

Lets all share our love today
and remove the crimes at night
through it all, through everything
man's future can be bright.

I am a writer of poetry
you all know me well my friends
I was there at your inception
and I will be there at the end.

With each step our whole life through
in all we say and all we do
whenever you have a need for me
I will be right there just for you.

My inner flame always burns 
when my writing starts
God blessed me with this special gift
my words flow from my heart…

Penned By MPK

Quote: Life Is Poetry In Motion, Great Poets Reflect Emotion.

Quote: The Best And Most Beautiful Thing In The World Can't Be Seen Or Touched.
It Must Be Felt With Your Heart...