i am (listen)

Written by: Neo Bridgette Kitso

i am the son of man
the one who gives
but never takes
the one who lives 
in the manuscripts and recipes
of the day after

i am the cold shadow
that follows this body
the one that hides
in dark shadows
of the night and only
shows her face
when the moon beams

i am the sparkle
in your eye that is
forever shining
the one that unleashes
the the angel in you
and the devil in me

i am the envious one
who hesitates to show
the colors of my dull heart
the one who longs for happiness
and the warmth in the feeling 
of being loved and loving back

i am me, THE ONE
who nibbles on sorrow and pain
thrives for laughter and smile
the one who would die happy
if you looked her in the eye
when you talk to her
i am the curious one
the anxious one
the confused one
the vulnerable one
i am the one