Special Moments

Written by: Virginia Muller

A secluded cabin
fail-safe  into a mountain side -
Oh, so high, one feels
they can attain and adjoin the clouds

A pallet of goose-down feathers, veiled
by a hand sewn comfortor
and a spiderlike, dusty canopy - 
a paradise for lovers

A perfect weekend -
paired with a bubbly jacuzzi
awaiting after a mile  
rambling up, then down, this 
lofty snow covered rock

A babbling brook and glossy
chestnut stallions trail along an
old gravel road, leading to a 
dilapidated barn, now masking
wet hay, squirrels and wild rabbits

Snakes have shed their skins, 
like elongated strands of silk
dangling from beams of rotten wood 
and imperfect slate shingles - 
Leaving their past in the present
for countryside tourists to enjoy

Bluegrass music is heard faintly
in the wilderness background
A rustic, but elegant
way to spend time, enabling
a soul to touch one's inner self

Tomorrow beckons way too soon --
reality returns, this dream weekend
now a fond memory,
as we take our leave of that
little creekside cabin on a
snow covered mountain crest