Obtuse Egg and Dull Seed

Written by: Jerry Bolton

I see them everywhere I go,
Folks who just do not seem to know,
What life is really all about,
They just go on their prescribed route.

Life to these indecisive sloth's,
May as well be wearing loincloth.
Don't question them about the news,
They spout others jargon as true.

Original thought unlikely,
Its like talking to a TV.
They give a blank  look and discuss,
The high fares of the city bus.

"What about Iraq" you might ask,
He says, we should finish the task.
"But what about all the dead," we pose,
Oh, yes, that part I do oppose.

"Is America still racist?"
Oh, sure, it is an ugly cyst.
"But we have made so much progress,"
Yes, now racism is much less.

"Katrina, was it Bush's flaw?"
Sure, didn't you see what you saw?
"But doesn't the state share some blame?"
You damn right I think it’s a shame.

"What about the high price of gas?"
Price gauging from the ruling class.
"It isn't supply and demand?"
Oh, yes sure, now I understand.

"How is your job, doing all right?"
I am scaling corporate heights.
"Didn't I hear they will downsize?"
That's supposed to be a surprise.

"How are the wife and the children?"
They are all good even the twins.
"Someone said you got a divorce."
But everyone does in due course.

This man goes through life on the dull,
He has no gift to think and mull.
What he hears he thinks it is true,
He, like so many have no clue.

An ambivalent clown this man,
Everything he hears is his plan.
He is like a pale, docile weed,
From an obtuse egg and dull seed.