Visions of life

Written by: Judy Riley

Visions of life given to all,
The rich, the poor, black, white, big or small.

To the Pope, we take a bow.
John the Babtist will show you how.

Buddhist and Moslems so much to give,
To all peoples, the grand right to live.

The Earth is vast in all its space.
Nature takes flight with the human race.

We are given the ultimate lead.
Visions of tomorrow needs to seed.

We all have brains, we learn to build, sew and plant.
Why must we kill, maim and destroy in wars chant!

On the highways and byways, we yield to each other.
We should treat each other, like you should treat your own sister and brother.

No matter what our color or faith should be,
We all have a right to a free society!