Written by: Elizabeth Schlicht

Why do I feel so alone

Here I sit in a crowded room...yet feel totally alone

No one seems to look at me

Or if they do their eyes quickly dart away as if they can't bear to look too long


Am I really that distasteful

Do they have their own agenda that can't possibly include one more person

I guess I am really just as bad as they are

I don't make much eye contact myself

I find it nearly impossible to reach out


Can it really hurt

I feel as though if I fell over in the middle of this crowd, my body would go totally

Maybe they would just step right over me and go on as if nothing ever happened

I really am unapproachable

I give off the air


I thought I was over the whole fear of being hurt, but maybe not

Maybe I'm just trying to convince myself that I'm not afraid

I need friends, I want them, but I shut them out

I'm alone, so alone

I feel like someone's watching me

He's walking this way

He smiled and said, Hello

I'm no longer alone