Forever Two in Love

Written by: Janice Smith

Forever Two in Love  
                 Come away with me on golden steed 
                             to places of the heart
                     We'll ride upon the back of one
                           to the land of no depart
                      Forever basking in the warmth
                           from crimson sun above
                    To frolic on the shores of peace 
                       and bathe ourselves in love
                  The sands we place our feet upon
                          will be of purest white
                       Free of worry, free of pain
                     as our souls traverse in flight 
                 You take me there on lightest wings
                         two souls meld into one
                  My very thoughts becoming yours
                         our new life has begun
                   Lord guard us from the enemy
                         we pray in Jesus name
                   Protect our union by your grace
                       to never bring you shame
                    United with the blessings from 
                            the Father up above
                 And the world will slowly fade away;
                             forever two in love

                            Janice Elaine Smith
                              January 4, 2009