Written by: k k iloduba jnr

What i see is light
in this world of darkness.
what i find is glow
in this land of gloom.
what i feel is warmth
in this place of cold.

with the approach of night
the dark hides in the trees.
at dawn`s foot-falls
the birds betray my despoiled ecosystem,
in the eye of them that wrecked it.

but a noise of my voice is heard.
morning by morning 
my lips ever scream their songs.

yesterday the jackboots resounded
upon my shores.
i too have borne the distraught
of cold whispers.

but more horrible is the stare 
in the eye of the global village.

in this passing world
where tommorrow prepares the path 
in silence and holy quiet,
i too havefound a song;
....a most solemn song