White Picket Fences

Written by: Celeste Butler-Mendez

Behind the posts and fancy lines, 
a poetess is blue. 
Her picket fence is yellowing 
and hanging all askew. 
~ ~ ~ 
Inside her barbed and wired heart, 
cruel words have shut her in. 
It's perfect on the outside, 
but sorely hurts within. 
~ ~ ~ 
The gate through picket fences 
swings open but can close 
to either bring her happiness 
or keep her filled with woes. 
~ ~ ~ 
The fence - secured - so long ago 
has all but fallen down. 
She tries to keep it stabilized 
in spite of shaky ground. 
~ ~ ~ 
The barricades will crumble yet 
from dead and useless weight 
and words can either shelter her 
or impale her at the gate. 
~ ~ ~ 
She walks away on cobbled stones 
cracking beneath her feet. 
Let's hope she can remember 
that life's a two-way street.