A Small Western Town

Written by: Charles Ruble

The cowboy walked from the saloon into the dirt covered street,
Stood there glaring in the mid-day heat,
Called out the sherrif as he layed his hand on his gun.
The sherrif answered his call as he walked into the sun.
"Why do you do this,you had too much booze,
You can't even see straight,you know you will loose."
"I came a long way to face you ole man,
No one can change my mind,not even you can".
The guns rang out as they went for the draw,
As the smoke cleared,the cowboy would fall.
The sherrif walked up,looked at the kid on the ground,
"Why did you make me draw,why didn't you just leave town?"
"You don't remember me,"The cowboy said with a groan,
"I'm tired of this life,I wanted to die here at home.
I'm not proud of my life,the killings and such,
My guns not even loaded,I wanted it that much.
I loved you alot,even though you left me and mom,
So how does it feel too gun down you'r own son?"
The cowboy passed and was burried under a tree so grand,
not another gun would touch that sherrifs hand.