Written by: Wilfredo Derequito

From a wind-swept window looking out
upon raindrops falling on soggy ground,
alone she stands remembering a life
filled with happy memories.

How did it come to this, she asks herself,
why a love that should have lasted years
could abruptly end in the wink of an eye
like a bad dream.

Harsh words hurled and no one giving in,
pride lording over what remains of a home
that for long they tried so hard building,
sorry the hardest word to say.

Fool, fool, she curses like new-found mantra
to somehow ease the vise tightly gripping
her presently numbed, shell-shocked brain
and deaden the pain.

Now with solitude as her only company
while silence screams with the noise
announcing the finality of her misery,
she laughs yet again.

As the hard rain continues to pour down
so are the tears of regrets and bitterness,
too late wondering what would have been
had she not driven him away.