The Christmas Card

Written by: valerie bellefleur

I climbed inside a Christmas card
that sat upon my sil
a magic scene of a winter's eve
a house next to a mill

The sky ws black with a crystal moon
that sent an eerie glow
and shone a light as bright as day
upon the silent snow

I walked along a babbling creek
beneath a shroud of white
which sparkled in the frigid air
like diamonds in the night

Despite the cold I felt no pain
as I trod the frozen path
and through the frosty evening air
I heard a child laugh

My ears beheld a pealing bell
from a tiny church's steeple
as slowly walking up the stairs
came the village people

An evergreen in the small town square
grew jewels upon it's limbs
as joyfully in the silent night
I heard the Christmas hymns

Rhinestone stars did shine on high
behind the towering hill
with wonder did they touch my heart
my senses did they fill

I stood in wonder at the sight
as a tear rolled from my eye
how wondrous was this Christmas Eve
as morning waited nigh

I turned back to the portal
of Christmas yet to be
the ticking clock upon my wall
my twinkling silver tree

My journey to another time
will stay throughout the year
as other cards are gone and lost
this one I'll cherish dear