Do You Ever

Written by: Breana Wiggins

Do you ever sit and look up at the stars?
Wondering just what life might throw at you next?
Wondering how you ended up with so much pain, sorrow,regret?
Or how when you think everything is fine something happens 
And your world feels like it crumbling away?

Do you ever lay and day dream 
About how you can make your wrongs right?
Wondering how you could lie knowing it wasn't right
Wondering how you could cause so much pain to another
Even though it was you they trusted with there life?

Do you ever stop to think
That maybe you were put in this world to  make a difference?
But all you do is fight,
Even if your not doing in physically
But emotionally

Do you ever stop and see
The pain you caused me
Or my tears I cry at night
My smiles not so bright?

Do you ever...
Will you ever...
Just stop and think about
What your doing to me.......?