meeting you

Written by: alisa cook

enoughter year has come and gone life left me a sight of hope meeting you was like a story 
just  enougher oh day nothing anew the same old things i alway's went threw .
the same old day the sun dident shinne ,but life was a surprize when your hand touched mine
the connaction of us spirked  like a fire  of burning to know our hearts desire's .
the touch of your heat on that chilly cold day took all the dread and worry's away.
gave me hope for something new ,what god sends is got to be true i look in your eyes a 
story  of two and wonder just how we became as two ,turning our two into only one that our 
life went thew the dew . now renewing our life for 2009 . 
i'm so gald god send me you ........ too  mike r. bulter)