Butterfly Feelings

Written by: Maggie Mae McAfee

I felt the presence of my future
As I turned to see my fate
With absent breath our eyes met
My heart was then embraced

You took my hand I kissed your cheek
Longing for our lips to meet
The looks we shared the joy we felt
From that moment on the lonliness was gone

Secretly admiring each others qualities
A magical bond was formed
Now aware you will always be a part of me
Gone are the feelings of forlorn

The light in my life has been brightened by you
It whispers you are my shining star
My sorrow is mended my voyage has ended
I opened my heart and here you are

The excitement of our first hint of bliss
Will remain cherished for all time
These butterfly feelings will forever linger
And never vanish from this heart of mine

Our moments together consume my thoughts
Destiny is now held in the hands of fate
Perhaps not chance when our paths crossed
They are now entwined with each step we take