Love letter - the island of our love - Part two

Written by: Nigel Fawcett


And now, I find myself on a new island. An island more beautiful, more amazing, and more
wonderful, than any mind alone could imagine. An island that can only exist when two
minds, two hearts, and two bodies become one, through unselfish love and mutual respect.
An island surrounded by a sea of tranquility and endless possibilities; an island of
permanent warmth, trust and safety. For you are me and I am you and we are us, intimately
bound. Undemanding. Supportive. Sharing and caring. Our island is perfect because of its

It is not without its trials and challenges. I do not know how I will survive while we are
apart, but I know we will leave a part of ourselves with each other. That we will feel
each other physically, mentally, and spiritually, in our bodies, minds, hearts and souls.
That, in some powerful sense, we will still be together. Will still be one. That our love
will grow. That our hearts will forever know true joy, true happiness, and true love. I
love our island. I love our life together. I love you. Now, always, and forever.