Written by: myishia williams

you say you threaten me
because you cant live without me
you say you hit me
to show me how much..
you really love me
you say its not rape
because were in a relationship
but from where i'm standing..
this was never the kind of love
i was looking for
the way you give love..
doesn't feel good.. it scares me
you make me wanna kill myself
and take my chances in hell
my bruises don't affect you
only the words 'i'm leaving'..
push a button in your emotions
you can live life..
doing whatever..
and whomever you choose
me on the other hand..
stay bonded and shackled by you
you've had many girls..
and plenty of relationships
so why me...
why did you pick me to love
how did i get so special.

Copyright ©2008 Myishia Williams