Christmas, Go On!

Written by: Brian Faulkner

What a hugging jollity and what jump delight
With "Golly! Everything!" deep in the night;
From hands-on packages---all there are---
Rippling ribbons fly out far!

Open that box, there; what've you got?
"All that I dreamed of, dreamed a lot!
Tickets and maps, yes! trips over sea!
Ah, and for you, dear, a present from me."

Grand, so, the shape, and firm, so, each part,
I know what it is, it's my new heart!
A bold one, a gold one, with a verse inside---
'May your life be integrity and your mind your pride.'

Certain it is, and yours cert, too;
That's why we're living, less won't do!
Giving and taking, glad to have won,
Bankers of honesty, hey! we have fun!

Now put on the coffee and light up a light;
We'll open a map into many a sight:
Vales little dreamt of, mounts never touched,
Trails just beginning, wonders half clutched;

Plateaus of promise waiting man's right---
Planet impassioned with traders' delight;
New dams awaiting, new cities, new farms,
Sparkways of business spreading out charms;

Thousands of earth-stars---Edison's eyes!---
Set to wide angles of night-wake surpeise!
Shipyards and airports humming Thought's strength;
Trainways and highways freighting grand length;

Tap-footed uptowns, where Top-Competence climbs
With Honor's dealings and Profit's chimes
(Ting! rings the money; cling! rings again!
Desires exchanging, happy are men);

Marble-halled fame and Bronze-palaced art,
Where boundless beauty drives the heart---
Logic's heart and good pulse of man,
United in his self-command!

To these we'll go, all these we'll see,
And mark the march of history;
Though Reason's torch flares up so high,
There's less of 'march' and more of 'fly'!

"Hey, down those lights."  Why?  What've you got?
"A new beginning of an ancient plot---
Some bubbly, bright, for the coming year,
And me, myself, right now, right here!"

Love now touches; kiss one, then kiss two!
Our true destination's a self-made brew.
A trip for tomorrow, a sip for today;
To have no sorrow we gladly pay!
Routing and planning, and shouting "To be!"
Sweet is the music rounding the tree.
"Yea!" to life's pleasure; "Hail!" to this dawn!
Worldly happiness, Christmas, go on!