My Fair Sadie

Written by: ridge mayberry

My fair Sadie, How to express my love for thee, I do not know. But to the stars and beyond I will go To prove to you That my love is true. My fair Sadie, I love you so. You are the doe Who has stolen my heart from me. Don’t you see, My heart is torn For I have born A love Upon the dove Full of beauty that is thine. A beauty that shall always shine Oh, so bright In the dark of the night. My love for you Is oh, so true. It burns inside As I try to hide From your everlasting beauty. For you see, I can hide it no more I have eyes for None but you, To whom ill always be true, My beautiful Sadie, Is it too much for me To ask you to be mine, forever. I will never Stop waiting for you For my love is true, As true as a love can be. So you see, I will never stop waiting For you to bring My heart home. I know some People would say It’s crazy to be this way. And this is my reply, I always try To follow the heart which is wiser Than I could ever Wish to be. For you see, Only the heart can recognize true love And when I see you, my dove, My heart races As it is put through its pace. As my mind struggles to maintain thought, And my eyes get caught By your everlasting beauty My dear, sweet Sadie.
This poem is about a girl I used to know. i had a crush on her and my inexperienced heart mistook this crush for true love. Though I did not know it at that time. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it.