Flying - Always

Written by: Nigel Fawcett

   "She is not earth tied - running, stumbling.
     No one has seen her hiding in shadows.
    Her fear is not here but spread below her
          A claustrophobic obstacle course
    Fetteringly beautiful in its surface beauty.
        She flies eyes down. She is a raptor.
    A predator preying on a wing and a prayer
   For those waiting, against the rocks beyond.
      They pray, while her prey, in turn, prays.
Her hunt is no trivial pursuit but forever survival.
    It is the present that determines her future
     At the top of an interminable food chain."

Inspired by Robert Frost, Escapist - Never
and Tracy Decker's RSVPoetry contest...
though, as it is not really a response, I don't think it qualifies LOL
but I had great fun writing it.