Little Harvey Honeybee

Written by: Lawrence Ingle

My name is Harvey Honeybee, 
I like to buzz around,
I'm looking for some flowers,
But they're nowhere to be found!

I've been looking for days,
And lots of lonely nights,
And it surely seems,
Something has happened to my sights!

Where are all my buzzy friends,
I wonder where they could be?
I can still remember,
When they use to buzz with me!

Oh! I remember now!
I was caught in a jar!
And I must've been in it...
Longer than an hour!

I also remember!
I was caught in the summer!
Then turned loose into this winter cold!
While still in a slumber!

So I'd better go...
Before I freeze!
The wind is really cold!
And It's making me sneez-z-ze...AH-CH-O-O-O!!!

So I'll see ya later...
Because I want to stay alive...
Yes, I have to hurry...
And get back to my hive.