Freedom Dr.

Written by: Matthew Pawlak

I run out the door
While I see rain start to pour
Tear off the usual attire
Cuz this is my empire
Not the same as the "Norm"
You can stare at my shadow
Cuz I live my life
And I'll go were i want to go
Why not tag along
You can here my footsteps in the air
Just follow my voice
Join my world with no care
With no restrictions on life
I can live it up as I want
Yes this is true freedom
Go ahead and taunt
Call me weird
Call me rash
Mabey I'm not your same person
But all of my hurdles I'll bash
So I can envelope the world in my light
And when I die I wont regret
To live is to learn and to learn is to see
That all my goals are met
Because I chose to be free