Do I Dare

Written by: Maggie Mae McAfee

Do I dare
You enter my life like an angel from above
Do I dare to show these feelings of love. 
I have nothing to offer but only me
I want nothing in return but love and honesty.
A worldly person such as this 
May need more than just my kiss.
Do I dare to ponder I may have a chance
Tis you my dear I long to romance.
Am I fooling myself with clouded eyes
To believe you would want only I.
Do I dare to think you can be mine
Can you love one person for all time.
Will you do with me as all the rest
Will you take advantage of my best.
Do I dare to once again trust
Or will others gain your lust.
To you a promise of being faithful and true
No cause by me will ever make you blue.
Can such a promise keep you by my side
Or will your search remain worldwide.
Do I dare let down my guard again
Should I open my arms and let you in.
My mind is twirling
My heart is whirling.
My inners feelings I cannot speak
For I am frightened and very meek.
How can I know you truly care
Do I dare...Do I dare....Do I dare...