The Other Side of Christmas

Written by: Tracy Decker

(To the tune of Jingle Bells, inspired by John Heck's 'Crazy Christmas Carols' contest)

Dashing down the aisles
goes everyone today,
yelling at the other folks
to get out of their way.
Cash registers ring
as the parents fight
over the last perfect toy
to make their season bright.


Shopping malls, shopping malls
strike my heart with fear
noisy crowds do overtake
this festive time of year, oh
Shopping malls, shopping malls
where kindness disappears - 
what happened to goodwill toward man
and spreading Christmas cheer?

I ducked behind a rack
and prayed it would subside,
dreaming of the freshest air
and open space outside.
The parents slowly left
with clothes and toys they'd bought
and everything but Christmas cheer - 
I guess they just forgot.


Shopping malls, shopping malls
the worst that it can get:
high prices, chaos, hostile crowds - 
I wish I could forget, oh
Shopping malls, shopping malls,
I'm left but with regret - 
next year I'll do my shopping
on the good old Internet!