Being Different: The Matthew Shepard Story

Written by: Ali Matheny

I'm not going to rhyme and tell you a poem.
I'm going to tell you a story I Love and Know.

His name was Matthew Shepard.
The date was October 7, 1998,
He was tied to a fence and left to die.
He was pistol whipped and        d severly.
Matthew was an              American Boy.
And was attacked for being different.
But saddly, He was pronounced      on October 12, 1998.
For he was only 21 and loved by everyone.

This story is Based on the True Story About Matthew Shepard.
To see and learn about what else happened to him and to fight against H A T E Crimes go to 
this website and watch the video:
Thank You for reading this sad but heartfelt story. . . . .