I Remember...

Written by: Breana Wiggins

I remember the times we use to share
I remember the times you were near
I remember the 'I Love U's'
I remember how you made feel warm and feeling new
  Now it seems as if you don't really care
  Now your never really here
  Now there's no more 'I Love U's'
  Now you just make me feel blue
I remember the walks we use to take
I remember the calls we use to make
I remember the 'I Miss U's'
I remember  the smiles and giggles too
  Now you just walk away
  Now your calls faded away
  Now instead of the 'I Miss U's and
  Now instead of the smiles and giggles
  All we do is fight and argue
I remember the looks you gave me
I remember the teddy's you won me
I remember the places we went
I remember the small things we did
  Now you just look angry
  Now there's no more teddy's
  Now all we do is sit
  Now all the small thing faded
I remember we use to talk for hours
  Now we don't any longer
I remember you use to make me laugh
  Now all I do is cry
I remember I use to love you
  Now I'm not even sure I like you...

*I wrote this for this girl I knew about a year ago.
I seen the pain in her eyes and the problems her and her dude 
Was going through...