silicate sanctuary

Written by: Nigel Fawcett

ignited by silver grains
    and salty air
we weave a dream…

of crenellated comfort
    and misty moats
decked before an ocean
    of brilliant blue

wistful waves whisper
    their saliferous surf
upon beckoning beaches
    below a backdrop
of magnificent mountains
    birthing tumbling streams
of white water wonder
    that chase and cavort
round rocky ravines
    and careen over cliffs
to cascade into plunge pools
    before flowing through
enchanted forests
    of multi hued green

burying our burdens
    and daring our dreams
the briny raindrops
    of our cheeks
evaporate with the ocean
    to be returned
pure and clear
    from the mountain of hope
and river of deliverance… 

as we climb the crystal stairs
    free of fettering chains
to taste the tender trophy
    of pent up unbridled passion
that we have wished
    and waited for
since first our auras
in a world of words